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Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy

When you visit a site, you order a product, you register to a News Letter, a number of  personal data are collected.
- What becomes these datas, how are they used, and to do what?
- How can I control these datas?
Here is a number of questions which concern all of us, more and more each day, especially with the growing importance of Internet and the diffusion of the datas it generates.
I will try to answer these questions as genuinely as possible.
We can classify these datas in two groups:
- data collected by the site itself (for example
- data collected by third parties (Access Providers, Internet Servers, search engines...)

A) data collected by itroika:

When you visit our site, we aimed to facilitate your life to the maximum, and this is why you can freely visit all the pages, subscribe to our News Letter or order articles without you to identify beforehand.

1) if you registerer to our news letter:

Your name and your email address are enough.
These data of course will be stored in our data base in order to be able to inform you on our new products, our promotions or to provide you quantity of interesting informations on subjects which interest you (You will be able to unsubscribe from our News Letter at any time).
These data could interest many people, particularily other sites, marketing agencies, official organizations, etc, which would know how to use them...
We keep these datas confidential to us. We never sell, rent or exchange any of your confidential datas.

2) if you place one or more products in your basket:

We do not ask you to be identified as a preliminary.
However as several Net surfers can make these same operations in the same time, we must be able to identify you so not mixing your products with those of an other person.
This is why our software will place a "cooky" on your computer.
This cooky will make it possible to store the products in progress until you possibly drive to the phase of your order validation. It will comprise also an identifier which is a session number which is not a personal data, but just a job number throughout your connection.
Reassure: this type of "file" can't in any case constitute a risk for your computer or your personal data:
- it is not an executable file.
Thus, it can't in any condition constitute or transport a virus or a spyware. It is an inert, inactive file.
- if your computer already comprises a virus or a spyware, these data, supposely they are collected, would not make it possible for anybody to identify you.

3) If you validate your order:

This time, we will need much more data:
- your name and your first name (we do not want to deliver to your neighbor or to your brother-in-law)
- your complete address (otherwise the packet will never reach you)
- your type of payment (we have several ones) etc
Some of these data are stored in our own data base. It allows us to not recall them at the time of your next order, and permits you to profit from certain promotions). Some other data are asked by third organizations (paypal or our bank)
The policy of Troika on this subject is very clear: these data are the base of our trade with our customers and represent our/your most valuable assets.
We preserve all these strictly confidential data, and no information of this nature is communicated to third parties, neither now, neither in the future, nor UNDER ANY WAY.
Our software comprises already several effective anti-hacking mechanisms in order to preserve your data, and we will continue to maintain this protection ongoing on the high level furthermore with the state of the art evolution in this field.

B) Data collected by third parties:

1) Internet Access Providers:

They collect constantly quantities of data on your navigation, your address IP, the sites which you visit, your practices and your environment of navigation etc.
Yes, Big Brother is watching you... : -))
Well, don't panic, we can't do anything about that, it is the same for all and Troika doesn't have any incidence and can in no manner acts on this phenomenon.

2) The Web servers: idem.

Any site that you visit is placed on a computer named "Web server". This computer, which is not much different from yours, comprises however mechanisms making it possible to ask him with an address like, as well as many other mechanisms of protection and safety.
It is as a result of this framework protection that they will collect quantity of data about your navigation.
There still, itroika in anything is concerned with these data.

3) financial organizations (Paypal, our Bank):

These organizations will need very precise and personal informations in order to be able to ensure the good course and the finalization of your transaction.
It will be particularily the case of your banking numbers.
After entering your administrative data, you pass on the payment phase, you temporarily leave our site, and you deal with the bank server from safe connection, encrypted to 128 bits (all your data are coded).
You can check that by consulting the small icon representing a lock closed in the bottom right of your screen.
Please note that these data will be treated on the bank server, and in no case on the site.
They will profit from the specific safety measures from a great banking organization.
4) Marketing services (google)
We use remarketing services from Google. These services allow google to broadcast pertinent announcements on the google research network, as well as on sites participating in the google display network.
These announcements are broadcast according to the centers of interests of the internauts having visited the site
To implement this service, we include the google remarketing code into the html code of pages which you visit.
This code uses a cookie to keep the topics you approached and to introduce you pertinent announcements following your navigation. No personal data are gathered, and in no way this code allows to identify you.
If you dont agree that google introduce you pertinent announcements following your navigation, you can deactivate cookies by using options of your navigator. Beware: many sites and services require cookies to be able to give you the services you expect from them. The deactivation of cookies could prevent you from benefiting from these services. It is notably the case for If your cookies are deactivated, you wont be able to finalise your order with Troika.

In short:

The data collected directly by remain the exclusive and confidential property of itroika. They aren't communicated to third parties under any pretext.
The data collected by third organizations remain their exclusive property and under their whole responsibility. Troika have no access to these data and can in no manner acti on those.
For any question relative on this subject you can also contact us

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