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Welcome » Russian Costumes

Russian Costumes

You are going to participate in a Russian party, a birthday or a Russian holiday ?
Why not to adopt a true Russian outfit which will allow you to shine in this occasion?
Our Russian Costumes are authentic, fabricated in Russia by specialists of the traditional and folk Russian Costumes, Russian clothes for a party, and Russian fancy dresses for the teens and the parents.









New Arrivals
Russian kokoshnik
Russian kokoshnik
99.00 €

Our Selection
Russian kokoshnik
Russian kokoshnik
39.90 €
Kokochnik russe
Kokochnik russe
39.90 €

Welcome in my
Russian Shop!
You will find here many wonderful Russian Crafts

Most popular

Russian scarf Wool

41.90 €

Russian nesting dolls

54.90 €

Russian doll porcelaine

31.90 €

Plate "Russian fairytales in porcelain"

31.90 €

Silk Square Scarf

49.90 €

Tapestry Gobelin Style "Moscow"

4.90 €

Egg Russian doll

54.90 €

Teapot Russian porcelain

86.00 €

Labels thermal for easter eggs

0.50 €

Orenburg shawl

44.00 €

Decorativ Egg

24.90 €

Russian nesting Doll

114.90 €

Newest arrivals
The News

Russian shawls. New logo

Porcelain Lomonosov "Easter"

Russian porcelain
Painting on wood of Gorodez

Russian Dolls

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